Jan 31 – Everything down as wsb take on Hedge funds.

Tough week on my stocks this week as Reddit takes on the Hedge funds of wallstreet.

My Moves

This week I made a few different moves

  • Open Roth IRA with E*Trade the reason I did this I will cover in a different post but its linked to capital gains
  • Invested in pre sale of Mindsync
  • Brought a small qty of DOGE during the pump and doubled my money in a few hours.
  • Brought and sold BB shares.

    One mistake I made was buying and selling GME and not holding it as I feel the squeeze is coming this week.
Type of accountMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayOverall Weekly GainOverall YTD Gain
Betterment Brokerage+0.15%-0.28%-2.04%+0.66%-1.67%-3.7%-1.03%
Betterment Roth+0.14%-0.29%-2.14%+0.70%-1.75%-3.34%-0.57%
Betterment Emergency fund+0.13%-0.1%-0.77%+0.25%-0.62%-1.11%-0.34%


This week was not a good week for stocks. Everything lost money. The wallstreetsbets Reddit community took on the short sellers on GME / BB / AMC along with others. Robinhood became very unpopular by restricting the buy of shares and limiting purchases of a lot of WSB favorite shares. After the events of this week I am going to be withdrawing my funds.

I expect the week ahead to be very volatile as well.


There is 2 IEO that I looking at. As I see this is where the opportunity is assuming I pick the right ones.

Mindsync – This is a blockchain built around AI. At the moment they are doing there public sale. You can buy there tokens at a discount though their website www.mindsync.ai

Ideaology.io – This is a blockchain built around freelancers its available to purchase pre exchange on www.bitcoin.com. Being in the US I cannot use Bitcoin.com but they will list on www.p2pb2b.io on the 6th Feb.

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