Jan 17 – What are my recommendations for the next few years?

I have been asked a few times this week on what recommendations do I have for the next few years.

Please note I am not a financial advisor and Stocks can go down as well up so do not invest more than you can afford to spare and accept that you may lose money.

Clean energy

So Its clear we are all going to be driving battery powered cars in the future and the governments of the world are caring more about the environment. The EV / Clean energy sectors I think are good buys for the next few years.

For Electric vehicles I prefer not to pick companies as I think this is a very crowed space and whilst TSLA has been the leader many others are catching up. I prefer an ETF either HAIL or IDRV. Along with a battery ETF LIT or BATT would be my choose here. I like the battery space as it doesn’t matter who makes the vehicles but they will all need batteries.

For clean energy the 2 ETF’s I would recommend are ICLN and QCLN. QCLN is US when ICLN is global. Over the coming years there will be more focus on solar and renewable energy sources.


I do not support investing in Airlines as I think a lot of the ways the airlines make money has changed (First class and business class passengers). However I feel there are sectors in the travel industry that will recover and will be strong. In this category I put cruise liners and hotel chains.

I have not looked into Hotel chains but I do own cruise shares. The reason I like cruise liners is the market has not changed its just people cannot cruise yet. The real question here is can the companies survive long enough to see the turn round.


In the US sports betting is still not available in many states. But its becoming more available. This is a huge market especially with all the US sports. I like BETZ ETF as it doesn’t just cover US sports gambling but global betting.


The global Cannabis market continues to grow as it becomes more and more acceptable. Over the next few years I just see this growing and growing as cannabis becomes more and more mainstream.


This is by far the toughest one to actually predict. Crypto will certainly become more mainstream but i think a lot of projects will fail along the way. So trying to pick winners will be very hard. At the moment I don’t believe any of the Crypto ETF’s are good value as they all have a massive premium compared with what you pay for buying the tokens yourself. I think companies that already are successful and use blockchain might be good which is why I really like easyfeedbacktoekn.io as they already have a business.


So in about 60 days ARK’s Space ETF will be available ARKX I see this as being very popular commercial space travel is going to be reality in a few years.

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