Jan 11 Week – Up down ending the week on down a little

My Moves

So this week I sold my Bitcoin and Ethereum this was not because I don’t believe Crypto is the future it was because both were in profit and I felt that there were better projects that might go 5x / 10x. When expecting Bitcoin to 5x or 10x is not going to happen.

This investment salary bucket went to something new Cannabis ETF MSOS. I also started adding funds to my Roth IRA and 401k.

Overall Performance

Type of accountMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayOverall
Betterment Brokerage+0.39%+0.55%+0.02%+0.42%-0.95%0.43%
Betterment Roth+0.40%+0.57%+0.01%+0.44%-1.01%0.41%
Betterment Emergency fund+0.10%+0.17%+0.10%+0.11%-0.32%0.16%


It was a up down week for stocks some of my ETF’s were up like BETZ ending the week up 2% but my EV ETF’s HAIL and LIT were both down. I decided to buy into the cannabis industry ETF MSOS. There are 2 major Cannabis ETF YOLO and MSOS. MSOS is focused in the US Cannabis industry. More details on MSOS can be found here

Betterment ended up being up slightly more than VTSAX which was nice to see this week.


So Bitcoin went from an ATH of 42k crashing down to 30k earlier in the week. I started to buy some smaller Crypto Nano as well as Litecoin and Cardano.

There are 2 upcoming IEO’s that sound very interesting to me.

  1. https://www.ideaology.io/ieo which is going to be a market place.
  2. http://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io which is feedback rewarded by tokens.

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