January 9th – Excellent week for everything even a riot on capitol building couldn’t stop the gains coming.

My Moves this week

Added small amount to my Betterment account this week. I didn’t add any shares to my portfolio but I buy some crypto.Below is the crypto I purchased.

  • Bitcoin Cash – To me this seems very under valued when compared with Bitcoin
  • Litecoin – I keep reading this could be the next “Silver” if Bitcoin is the next “Gold”
  • XVG – There was talk about announcements from CES next week.
  • Nano – I like this its free of fees and very quick their app Wenano seems to work very well.


Type of accountMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayOverall
Betterment Brokerage-0.57%+1.04%+0.98%+0.8%+0.59%2.84%%
Betterment Roth-0.57%+1.08%+1.03+0.82%+0.62%2.98%
Betterment Emergency fund-0.23%+0.38%+0.23%+0.27%+0.19%0.84%


Stocks had a good week, Only Monday saw loses on my betterment accounts. LIT and HAIL out formed VTSAX this week with LIT up 14% and HAIL 8%. The market reacted positively to Biden being confirmed as the next president.

NIO day was today and they announced a lot of stuff so I expect this to pop next week.


Bitcoin continued on its bullish run setting ATH almost daily. ETH also continued to climb now about to also set a new ATH. I continue to buy bits and pieces of Crypto but always on the understanding I am willing to lose it.

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