Jan 1 Betting ETF and new bills to manage.

The relief package was finally signed although I wont get any money from it its a good thing.

I am going to be providing updates weekly instead of daily with 1 post summarizing the week’s activities.


Type of accountMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayOverall
Betterment Brokerage+0.37%+0.10%+0.45%+0.09%+1.01%
Betterment Roth+0.40%+0.11%+0.48%+0.07%+1.06%
Betterment Emergency fund+0.14%+0.06+0.18%+0.05%+0.43%

Personal Changes

This week has been tough the dog had to go to the vet so lots of expense there but luckily I have insurance which will cover 80% of it so shouldn’t be too bad and I did have savings for the pets to cover this.

Setup auto payments for my Roth IRA so I am now paying into this every 2 weeks so that by the end of the year I max it out. If you are not familiar with the Roth checkout THIS post.

I decided to add another ETF to my Vanguard portfolio, I have VTSAX, LIT and HAIL I decided to add BETZ to this so every pay day I will add a portion to my pay to one of these so I add to each one every 2 months. I was considering Cannabis ETF YOLO but decided to go for Online betting instead. BETZ covers international online sports betting which as the US opens to online sports betting, will only grow.


Most of my stocks ended the short week up but not much around 0.5%. My betterment account had smalls gains even when my stocks were down (Guessing the gains came from my bonds).


Bitcoin reached multiple all time high’s this week hitting 29k. ETH broke through 750 but then dropped back and now is struggling to stay over 750.

I brought some ZIL this week only a small amount I like them so figured for the long term as its got plenty of up growth.

So I now own the following Crypto DOGE, WOZX, LIT, BTC and ETH. WOZX I believe in long term even though I have made a lost on this so far. DOGE I really don’t expect it to do anything. I brought it more as a mistake than an informed decision.

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