How I cut costs to generate more income – Part 1

I wanted to write down some of things I do to cut costs and generate more money to invest.


Don’t subscribe to multiple music services like apple and Spotify pick one and go with it. If you have Amazon prime already you already have access to a lot of music free. Make sure you are not paying for family plans you are not using ie if you are a couple then buy a couple plan not a family plan (Spotify has a duo plan which is cheaper).

My recommendations here are

Amazon music if you already pay for prime. Everyone with prime gets access to 2 millions songs free.
Spotify Duo for couples cheaper than there family plan.
Apple One – if you have 6 people who can share the subscription.
YouTube Red – As it comes with YouTube music free and YouTube ad free and you can share it with 6 friends.

If you are paying for more than 1 of these services that’s money you could be investing instead.

TV services

There are so many different options available in this section I will cover what I use and some tips I use. Your choices are going to come down to what channels you use frequently.
I don’t use any satellite or cable TV services all mine are streaming using Amazon fire stick.

Locast – This is how I get local US TV it’s a donation system I donate $5 a month and I get local channels some NFL on sundays.
Netflix – Great catalog updated regularly
Amazon prime video – free for prime customers
Britbox – $6.99 per month this is how I watch a lot of UK TV.

Internet providers

You don’t need gigabit internet, dont ever pay for a provider for a router buy it yourself and stop paying monthly subscriptions for a router.
Invest in a good route / wireless access point but again make sure it’s scaled for your house ie if you have a 900 sqft apartment you don’t need access points that support 5000 sqft.
You don’t need high tier packages it’s always worth downgrading for a month and seeing if you notice any difference I would bet most people wouldn’t notice a difference yet they are saving more.

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