23 December – Good day for cruise stocks new index funds off to a good start.

My cruise stocks CCL and NCLH were up 5% today which was nice.

My Moves

I made no moves in the stock market today just brought a bit more Ethereum and Bitcoin as both dropped. ETH dropped to $570 and Bitcoin is in the high 22’s low 23’s.

Type of accountCompany / Share% of stocks / Crypto vs bondsDaily Change
Robo Advisor Betterment 86% +0.62%
Betterment Roth IRA90%+0.67%
Robo AdvisorBetterment Emergency fund30% +0.16%
Mutual FundVTSAX100-0.31%


Betterment finally started going up today which makes a change for this week. I recovered most of the loses from the last couple of days. My index funds both went up 1% the only thing that didn’t go up was VTSAX.


The crypto world is following the SEC Ripple / XRP case. XRP took a big hit today. On a positive note WOZX is up www.dash.io was going to list them if they got 10 million votes last time I looked it was 39 million votes. This can only be good news as the more exchanges that list it the more exposure it has. I am still at a loss on WOZX but its less now.

XRP chart for last 3 days.

Chart from https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/

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