December 22 – Looking to the future with EV’s

Changed some of my portfolio around to buy some EV ETF’s.

Type of accountCompany / Share% of stocks / Crypto vs bondsDaily Change
Robo Advisor Betterment 86% -.024%
Betterment Roth IRA90%-0.25%
Robo AdvisorBetterment Emergency fund30% -0.06%

Summary of Moves

So today I decided to buy 2 ETF’s linked to Electric Vehicle’s.

  1. HAIL
  2. LIT

Firstly HAIL this is a smart mobility holdings ETF. Holdings include PLUG, TSLA, NIO. I felt this is a strong ETF for the long term as we migrate to electric cars

LIT on the other hand is a battery ETF. This also includes TSLA but also all major battery providers. This should perform well regardless of who sells the most cars.

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Stocks were mostly unchanged from yesterday down a little. BITW and Apple were the 2 exceptions I was tracking.
Apple because of the discussion around eclectic Apple car. As for BITW I have no idea why its up so much now to $92 which makes no sense as there assets are $20. And the major crypto coins they invest in haven’t changed much, the fund seems to change a lot based on low volume as well today it moved on less than 80k. Today’s total was less than 300k.

My Betterment funds are not going up but not really losing anything. I think there is a lot of concern over the new variant of COVID-19 its over shadowing any good news.

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