18th December- Stock market still waiting. BITW and WOZX today’s big movers.

BITW drops another 22% and WOZX drops 19%.

Type of accountCompany / Share% of stocks / Crypto vs bondsDaily Change
Robo Advisor Betterment 86% -0.4%
Betterment Roth IRA90%-0.42%
Robo AdvisorBetterment Emergency fund30% -0.17%
Mutual FundVTAX100-0.22%


With Washington still unable to agree on a stimulus package stocks were AAPL was down 1.59%. TSLA approach the $700 mark at the end of trading with one advisor saying it will get to $2500 personally I don’t see it.
My betterment accounts all had slight losses today.


BItcoin is still hanging around the 22k mark with no real gains. WOZX dropped 19%. There was an interesting video on WOZX today. https://youtu.be/JUN3A3FZv3E

My Moves today

  • Considering buying WOZX now it’s back to $1.7 if it drops further I think I will buy more.
  • Sold all my BITW sold at $70 overall. This needs to settle before I go back in.

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