17th December – BITW gets balanced down. Positive day for shares.

Big losses for BITW Index fund whilst Bitcoin reaches new all time highs. Stock market continues to make gains today.

Type of accountCompany / Share% of stocks / Crypto vs bondsDaily Change
Robo Advisor Betterment 86% +0.63%
Betterment Roth IRA90%+0.6%
Robo AdvisorBetterment Emergency fund30% +0.20%
Mutual FundVTAX100+0.78%

My Moves

Today I made a number of moves.

  • Sold some BITW on the way down to lock in some profits.
  • Brought some Cardano ADA Crypto
  • Moved profit from emergency fund to brokerage account in Betterment. Once my emergency fund reaches a certain gain I move those gains to my brokerage account to make more.
  • As it was pay day this week moved some funds to my betterment robo advisor brokerage account. (This is automatic twice a month when I am paid).


Stocks had a good day with the market increasing on hopes of a new stimulus package. My Roth and robo advisor account with betterment both had a positive day.


Bitcoin continues to climb reaching $23000 today but backing off to $22K. I decided to buy into ADA today as its $0.16 and predictions for the next few years have it anywhere between $2-5. I figured at 17 cent a coin it was worth a gamble.

WOZX continues to decline but I am still keeping it for the long term. I am also looking to add TRON to my portfolio this week as current price is 3 cent per share.

Lets see if we can end the week on a positive note across the board. Tomorrow I will an article on how I have all my Betterment accounts setup.

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