16th December – Great day for Bitcon and BITW, both skyrocket to new levels.

Crypto is where all the action is with Bitcoin reaching new highs and BITW index fund up by 70%. WOZX drops another 14% today. Stocks increase but by a small amount.

Type of accountCompany / Share% of stocks / Crypto vs bondsDaily Change
Robo Advisor Betterment 86% +0.13%
Betterment Roth IRA90%+0.12%
Robo AdvisorBetterment Emergency fund30% +0.04%
Mutual FundVTAX100+0.13%


Bitcoin reached new highs today of over $21,000 per coin.

Credit to coindesk for the chart.

BITW rocketed 70% today adding $40 per shift. Its now gone from $33 on the 10th December when it was launched to $139 at the end of the day. I brought more at $114 today.

Below are the details of the holdings of BITW. This came from http://www.bitwiseinvestments.com

I have started putting any spare funds into either BITW or directly into Bitcoin on coinbase.

WOZX on the other hand continues its drop downwards dropping another 14% today. Just goes to show not all Crypto goes up :(.


Most stocks had a positive day S&P up 0.18%, NASDAQ up 0.50% and the DOW down -0.15% with the exception of TSLA which dropped by -1.25%, which doesn’t matter to me as i don’t hold any TSLA. Betterment portfolio was up +0.12% the Roth was also up 0.13% today.

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