WOZX – My first steps into Cryptocurrency (mistake)

So I brought some of Steve Wozniak’s new crypto he is trying to shake up the energy market with his new company www.efforce.io

it’s an interesting idea at the time I brought it you could only buy it on https://www.hbtc.co and http://www.bitthumb.com I had to buy through banxa payment processor which was a fund experience most of my cards were flagged for fraud when trying to fund. Coinbase is much easier to use but they are not listed on coinbase on hbtc and bitthumb exchanges right now. It looks like from there website they have only released 20million of the 1billion total coins.

It looks like a strong team and an interesting idea so I figured it was worth a bit of investment. Pity I didn’t buy at the start when it was $0.1 per coin I brought at $2.60

Only time will tell if this was really a mistake or not…

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