Simplifi – Simple, Quick and Focused budgeting application


This is how I track all my accounts and budget it’s by far the best app out there for budget and tracking net worth. It tracks investments as well as all types of accounts. It’s easy and quick to use.

The app has an excellent support team and product managers who are willing to listen. Whilst it’s $2.99 per month it helps me manage my money so much better than anything else I have tried

I use it to keep track of

  • checking accounts
  • savings buckets
  • investment accounts
  • retirement accounts
  • manual assets worth over $300

Using it to track checking accounts and budget is easy transactions are imported and you can create line items for things you plan on spending and then link them to transactions. I have only found 2 issues

  1. With my capital one sometimes transactions are delayed especially over the weekend
  2. if I create a line item for say Amazon of $100 for a week it is automatically linked on the first transaction of Amazon even if that’s only $10 the way round this is I create my budget under a different name like Amz weekly.

Investments are really easy to track with simplifi each account is broken down and it shows daily changes as well as shares owned and values. This is how I track my daily performance across the many accounts.

Watchlists are a way to track expenses by category, payee or via tag against a budget this is especially useful to see how your spending is stacking up against your planned budget for each.

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