Welcome to my life investing

So this is day 1 I am going to be documenting my investing journey. I am a 47 year with a house, mortgage wife and pets. I live in California.

A few months ago I decided to take what savings I had and start making them work for me I will document the good and bad each day so others might learn. I am not a financial advisor just a normal guy learning investing and making mistakes along the way.

I have a Start investing with Betterment account with my checking account, savings buckets, investment accounts and emergency fund in it.

I started a Coinbase account yesterday and started investing in Bitcoin. I only put $400 so very small but from what I read by the end of 2021 it could be worth 70k plus per coin.

Below is my holdings in vanguard. I use Vanguard as I can’t buy individual shares in betterment.

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